Monday 16 July 2012

Postcards from the Edge

We are now officially on our summer break! The Social Reporting crew have been posting almost daily since the beginning of the year and so, as the holiday season arrives for some of us, we are going to kick back and slip into are more spontaneous post-when-you like rhythm for the next six weeks. We'll be sending you postcards though!

Where will these postcards be from? We'll from posting from our events, our gardens, our gatherings in Transition. Places we are visiting now, places we have visited in the past, abroad and at home. We'll be posting from the city and the country, from the backyard and the beach, on the road, on two wheels, as we walk, swim, picnic, celebrate and sing. I'll be reporting from the Sunrise Festival (Somerset) and the Sunrise Coast (Suffolk) and this week from London, as I head up by train to hear Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics, speak in the City. Some of our postcards will be short, and others our usual length (more of a letter really) and we'll all take turns to write when the mood and the moment takes us. It's an experiment, a break from routine and gives us some space and time, a chance to do things differently for a while. A summer breather.

What will happen in the future? Last week on a very dodgy Skype line several reporters discussed the future shape of the blog. We decided to keep our style of working around a set theme for the week, with free weekends for news and one-off posts and now have a rota for this autumn, running until the end of the year. We have some ace subjects coming up including Flying, Deep Time, Harvest, Hierarchy, the role of the Network, Livelihoods and Trees in Transition. We'll be returning with a Back to School week starting on Monday 26 August, following by the third in our series of Transition Ingredients and Tools. Then we have a fortnight around the Transition Conference, including its companion events. Seven of us will be there taking part and also reporting live from the weekend's full-on activities. We hope to be setting up our own reporting and skill-share "desk", so do come and find us.

Meanwhile we hope you will keep travelling alongside us this summer. Bonnes vacances, dear Readers, and see you soon!

P.S. We welcome ideas and guest blogs on the Project. If you'd like to send your own postcard, please get in touch and for all things editorial via

Images: speaking about wild flowers and bees at Bungay Beehive Day, reading from 52 Flowers That Shook My World (Heather); meeting on the beach with the Dark Mountain Norwich crew, Southwold.

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